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We are a handmade organic hair care brand based in the UK for kinky, curly and curly hair types. We believe that nature holds the key to healthy and beautiful hair, and that is why our products are packed with nature's finest ethically sourced ingredients to leave your hair feeling nourished, revitalised, and full of life.

Etherea is the perfect brand for you if you struggle to retain moisture and want to define your curls. Formulated with you in mind to protect your tresses and your health.

The Self-Love Era

Etherea originates from the word ethereal. Ethereal means delicate, light, and otherworldly. Etherea is the mediative state when you're taking care of yourself. Etherea to us is you. We're entering into a soft life of self-love and self-care, and we would like to be by your side for these moments. Our uniquely crafted products will enhance your well-being and tresses. Inspired by the soft pastel tones of nature and infused with botanics, we are proud to offer you a replacement for the toxic hair products currently on the market. We want to make a change with our chemical-free formulations, gentle yet effective ingredients, and sustainable production methods.

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